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Frequently asked questions

  1. Are trial lessons given?
  • Yes, they are! A free 30-minute trial lesson is offered for every new student in order to evaluate the level of the student’s abilities and to determine interest or not in continuing. Sometimes a student may be signing up for drums, but may end up playing the Cajon or Conga instead. The direction that makes most sense can be determined during this time.


  1. Do I have to have already purchased what I need before the trial lesson?
  • No, definitely not! The first lesson is only to see if everything fits, and there may be specific recommendations for each student given by the teacher (even the size of drumsticks to use) meaning it is better to wait until after this first meet.


  1. What is needed upon officially starting lessons?
  • Each instrument has its own requirements:
  • Snare Drum and/or Drum Set – a practice pad and pair of sticks
  • Cajon - a basic model, at minimum, for at home practice
  • Conga - LP Compact Conga or standard dimension Conga
  • All other hand drums - the like instrument model desired to be learned


  1. What does a lesson cost?

Individual Lessons     

  • One lesson block consists of four units. A block of four 30-minute lessons in length costs 75€, a block of four 45 minute lessons in length costs 105€, and a block of four 60 minute lessons in length costs 135€ . The cost of a unit with the student at home increases according to the distance to be covered and is subject to time availability.
  • In the case of other agreements, the rate will be determined between the student and the teacher.

           Group Lessons

  • For a group size of 2 children: One block consists of four units. A block with four 30-minute lessons in length (4-7 years) costs 67 euros. A block with four 45-minute lessons in length (7 years and older) costs 75 euros.
  • For a group size of 3 or more children, a 30-minute lesson block costs 62 euros and a 45-minute lesson block costs 70 euros.


  1. Can a person learn more than one instrument at a time?
  • Absolutely! The family name for drums is percussion, and though a hand drum is different than a drum set all works together utilizing the same technique and approach. It is, in fact, encouraged for a hand instrument to be learned in conjunction with a stick-played drum for better feel and rhythmic understanding. The direct contact of hands on an instrument is more natural than contacting an instrument through using a pair of sticks. Often this method accelerates the student in learning their primary instrument.


  1. Where are lessons given?
  • Happy Sams is located at Cammannstrasse 6 on the first floor, first door on the right. There is a teaching room, waiting room and private bathroom for customers.




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